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Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Posted by NOVATIUM SOLUTIONS (P) LTD.
Ericsson and Novatium announce the global launch of PC as a service. By making use of a cloud based operating system, PC as a service removes the complexities of virus protection, software updates, application installation and maintenance. These features are moved away from the user to the cloud. The service, including client hardware, is remotely managed end to end by experts.

The concept gives a superior and convenient computing experience at a really great value reaching out with an optimal solution for the next billion users, especially in emerging markets.

PC as a Service is an operator offering and includes a managed monetized PC desktop and brings the strengths and advantages from mobile prepaid to the personal computer by allowing flexible recharging and diverse subscription models.

By offloading the overhead of running the operating system to the cloud, a PC as a Service device is able to perform tasks like media consumption and Internet browsing in a far quicker and responsive manner. Thanks to this radical innovation, the PC consumes less energy
which means better battery life, reduced temperature of the device as well as minimizing the load on a telecom network without compromising the user experience.

The service holds tremendous promise for telecom operators globally looking at ways to monetize their mobile broadband infrastructure, while ensuring subscriber value. Several leading telecom service providers in India have already deployed the concept under their brand names.

PC as a Service is a first-of-its-kind concept and a natural evolution of telecom and computing. Today, when every transaction is moving to the internet, we are confident that cloud based computing will transform the way we use computers, tablets and smartphones today, says Daniel Freeman, Head of Multimedia Innovation, Ericsson. Additionally, PC as a Service offers telecom operators new ways to expand their broadband business. We see it driving mobile broadband penetration in emerging as well as developed markets as it motivates investments in rural as well as urban infrastructure.

With hyper competition and the continued rollout of Mobile Broadband networks, telecom service providers are looking for new services which offer a way to not only acquire but retain valuable customers. PC as a Service is one such revolutionary disruption, says Alok Singh, CEO, Novatium solutions. We believe PC as a Service is the future of telecom and computing convergence and telecom operators globally can now leverage the same with a trusted partner like Ericsson, he added.

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