'Ericsson and Novatium take personal computing to the cloud'- electricpig.co.uk

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Posted by NOVATIUM SOLUTIONS (P) LTD.
Dubbed ‘PC as a Service’, a joint venture between Ericsson and Novatium hopes to bring basic computing to the masses. The general concept is simple — offload the overhead of running an operating system to the cloud for typical tasks such as web browsing and applications. The end result is better performance, bandwidth notwithstanding, and improved battery life.
PC as a Service, much like Nokia’s new Mobile Phones division, will focus on connecting the next billion people with affordable access to Internet and applications. Designed as an operator offering, think of ‘PC as a Service’ as a managed monetized PC desktop, bringing the strengths and advantages from mobile prepaid to personal computing.
“PC as a Service offers telecom operators new ways to expand their broadband business. We see it driving mobile broadband penetration in emerging as well as developed markets as it motivates investments in rural as well as urban infrastructure,” says Daniel Freeman, Head of Innovation, Ericsson.

According to Ericcson, a PC as a Service device is able to perform common tasks in “a far quicker and responsive manner”, improve battery life, reduce temperature and minimize the load on the mobile network without compromising user experience. This means five seconds to boot a machine, no codecs to install for video playback, no software to install for document creation, and never having to worry about an update.

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