Parental control

Friday, December 11, 2009 Posted by NOVATIUM SOLUTIONS (P) LTD.
The amount of time a kid spends online is a source of frustration to many parents. A recent research shows that Orkut and other social networking sites negatively affect the performance of students in exams. Internet communications and games give them trouble in keeping track of time. Thus, maintaining a healthy balance between computer related activities and other activities in the children’s lives has become more challenging.
Keeping this in view, Nova space has an option for the computer users to control the applications and websites. The computer administrator can black list (doesn’t allow user to access few websites) some websites and can also white list (allow user to few websites). In addition to this, the administrator can also give a start time and end time for the applications so that the specified applications cannot run after the selected time period. This will make sure that kids concentrate both on their education and also in entertainment activities like games.

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