Nova cNergy - Stop Worrying!! (coming soon)

Friday, December 11, 2009 Posted by NOVATIUM SOLUTIONS (P) LTD.
Have you ever dreamt of carrying your personal computer in your pocket?
Ever left your important office files at home computer and had to go all the way back wading through the traffic, only to get murderous looks from boss and then passing your anger on wife resulting in dinnerless sleep??

If the answer is YES (which is obvious) here is a solution for you. Novatium have designed a small USB device which is as small as a pen cap and can empower you to access your desktop (Nova space). All you need to do is a little effort to plug it any computing device and the rest is simply a magic!

This little device, compatible with USB 2.0 will boot the PC into your own desktop. It also supports a wide range of BIOS so you really need not worry about the type of computer you work with. Ain’t amazing??? Stop worrying! and start using Nova cNergy.

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