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Wednesday, July 6, 2011 Posted by NOVATIUM SOLUTIONS (P) LTD.
"we welcome Google Chromebook to the family of Cloud Operating System - the new way of computing, where we have been successfully making it work since the last 2 years..."

Novatium Features

The biggest names in the industry are maturing to the potential of internet driven cloud computing. Companies are launching browser based laptops driven by this technology. Others have incorporated cloud computing in computers, handhelds and even mobile phones. While the world is catching with this new way of computing, Novatium has been successfully making it work since last 2 years.

Novatium is India's first cloud computing on wireless broadband. We give you complete freedom from all the system related maintenance worries, be it software, applications for even hardware.

Take a look at some of our industry leading features:

Choose your computing style 
Novatium lets you experience computing the way you like it. We are the only company that offers the option of both laptops and desktops. Our computing catalogue comprises of Novatium Navigator, Novatium Navigator+, Novatium Neon. 

Superior Experience, True Convenience & Great Value
At Novatium, we are driven to introduce exciting & innovative ways to enhance your experience with us. We always put customer care at the forefront and blend superior experience with high information security, integrity and privacy. Our products are designed for simplicity. They are intuitive to use with minimum interface. Add to that the complete reliability & uncompromised safety and you got yourself the complete package. All our packages are easy to own & easier to maintain. In other words, you will be happy to pay so less for so much!

Multiple operating systems 
All of us have our preferred operating systems. It can be cumbersome and irritating to adapt to new system. We understand this and hence, save you the trouble. Novatium lets you choose between Microsoft Windows, Novell Linux. A freedom only provided by us. 

Choices like no other
We keep your convenience before all; therefore, give you as much choice as you can think of. There are 6 USB ports to plug in all the support hardware you desire. There is also webcam support to bring life to your online communication. You don't need to depend on internet based mediaplayers, it's inbuilt for you.

Instant action
The fastest startup of 5 seconds gets your system ready before the blink of eye. The system will also automatically upgrades for all the applications every time you turn it on. In other words, your experience gets better & better over time. 

Ease of use 
Anyone with an internet connection can subscribe to this service. We are your one stop shop for your entire requirements as you don't need any other software, license for anti-viruses and applications. The data stored is managed by a central managing system that ensures complete data security and protection from virus, spyware, and hacking problems. In short, you will never face any problem regarding data loss, slowness, crashes etc.

Life beyond internet 
Although it's primarily an internet based technology but it doesn't imply that if you don't have internet access there is nothing for you to do. Unlike other players, Novatium lets you use your system as a normal PC when you are not online. You can access to games, file manager, media player etc. Pdf readers and zip files work just fine.

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