Substantial Savings - only on Novatium PC

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 Posted by NOVATIUM SOLUTIONS (P) LTD.
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  • Novatium's PC gives its user an enormous savings. The device starts up in 5 seconds and doesn't require any installation thereby saving the time.
  • The Carbon Foot Print (CFP) of the Novatium access device is 50% lower than any conventional PC. This lowers the power consumption, saving the nature.
  • Novatium PC is a multipurpose system in a single device. No additional hard disk is required as files can be saved on the server. Thus the software installed on the server saves the Hard Disk space.
  • Novatium devices remove the unwanted network trafficking giving faster internet experience.
  • Novatium's Utility Computing as a Service follows a unique model where you pay only for what you buy and need. Unlike a normal PC where you pay for all the applications that comes along with the system invariably to whether you use it or not. This saves your money.  


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