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Thursday, December 3, 2009 Posted by NOVATIUM SOLUTIONS (P) LTD.
The desktop or Nova Space can be customized depending upon the needs and preferences of the users. But by default, the desktop screen or Nova space has clearly defined contents or menus. The contents includes an application or services area, header area, Advertisements area, notification area and task bar.

Applications area

Applications area is a centrally located and contains icons of application based on their groups or categories. Application area includes Utility services menu, application categories (internet, documents, games, and utilities) and multiple desktop options.

Utility services menu consists of user’s information viz, “my home, my profile, my shop, my usage, my controls”. Consumers can check their account status, edit account information, and shop for more packages through this.

Application categories include groups like internet, documents, games and utilities. In the internet category, web oriented applications are listed. It consists of chat engines like Skype and ebuddy, Radio (English, Hindi and Tamil) and Mozilla Firebox by default. Under documents Microsoft office applications, Adobe reader, Open office etc., are available. Games are available under games section and photo viewer, media player that can play all the video formats, paint, calculator, notepad etc. can be accessed in the utility category. Except the internet section all other categories can be used even when there is no internet access or in other words when the user is offline.

Navigator application area also gives an option for the user to start working on any other operating system other than his/her current OS in a single click without the need for booting up again. The user can change his/her OS under the desktop section. The users can shift between operating systems like MS Windows, Lynx, Suse and Apple Mac.

Header area

At the top-right, the header area presents information on the user name currently logged in, subscription plan, amount left and the validity period. In addition it also has link in the name of “Nova wallet” which allows the user to recharge or renew their accounts and buy nova products online.

Advertisements area
At the bottom-left, the area a little area is occupied for advertisements. These advertisements are situated in a perfect place that will gain sure visibility by the users. Users can get connected to the advertisers when they click on the advertisement.

Notification area
At the bottom-right location is the notification area in which the users can either check the online news over RSS or tips.

Task bar

Task bar shows the minimized icons of the applications opened. Users can also check the current times, adjust the speaker volume and check the network strength in this task bar.

Partners contents
On the right side of the screen Nova space shows the information or the contents of the partners. The users can easily check the links of the partners like Yahoo, NIIT, Zoho etc.

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